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A scientific treasure trove... Do you have a work you're really proud of, but hardly anyone seems to know about it? Well, you can let us know about it here! If you'd like to add an item, please send a message to ashleypwillis/at/gmail.com

Laurette Tuckerman

  • L. S. Tuckerman (1989), Transformations of matrices into banded form, Journal of Computational Physics [1] or [2].
One way to look at why recursion relations are so widespread.
  • L. S. Tuckerman (2001), Thermosolutal and binary fluid convection as a 2x2 matrix problem, Physica D [3] or [4].
How nonlinear and linear problems actually obey analogous equations, based on eigenvalues undergoing avoided crossing or else becoming complex conjugate pairs.

Ashley P. Willis

  • A. P. Willis (2012), Optimization of the magnetic dynamo, Physical Review Letters [5] or [6].
How to find the lowest Rm for a large-scale dynamo, along with the velocity field that makes this possible, here for a periodic box. Maybe slightly premature to say this has been overlooked, but I'm impatient to see what it could lead to...