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If something needs updating or you have suggestions, please communicate them (Main_Page#Author) and/or request an openpipeflow login (top right corner). This website uses Mediawiki and is easy to edit.

Overview of the solver

Equations, properties, methods, etc.:

Using the simulation code:

  • Getting started - INSTALLATION, overview of files, setting up a job, starting and ending a job.
  • Tutorial - setup a job, basic monitoring and visualisation of outputs.
  • Core implementation - Discretisation, Predictor-Corrector, Code Structure, Parallelisation.
  • Parallel i/o - a brief note on parallel data access.
  • Utilities - pre/post-processing, runtime processing and manipulations, Newton solver for pipe flow.

Non-problem specific codes

  • These are designed for integration with any pre-existing code.
  • File:Arnoldi.f - Krylov-subspace method for calculating eigenvalues of a matrix.
  • File:GMRESm.f90 - Krylov-subspace method for solving the linear system Ax=b for x.
  • Newton-Krylov_method - Newton-Krylov-Hookstep method for finding nonlinear solutions x of F(x)=0.