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Virtual machine option

If you just want a quick try, or if you are not running a linux environment, then you could try virtualbox and the Xubuntu-Openpipeflow_virtual_disk_image.


If you already have a Fortran compiler, then you only need download the current version (link below), and unpack

 tar -xvvzf Openpipeflow-x.xx.tgz

The Makefile has been set up for gfortran, but compile flags for several compilers are included: g95, gfortran, ifort, pathf90, pgf90.

Next see Getting_started, then try the Tutorial.

Current version


  • Download: File:Openpipeflow-1.22.tgz
  • Comments:
    • Some additions to utils/
  • Changelog:
    • 2023/03 Option to calculate pressure in prim2matlab.f90, courtesy of Jie Yao.
    • 2023/04 Two versions of util: prim2ascii_coll.f90, prim2ascii_phys.f90.
    • 2023/06 Generic functions related to slicing, predrag_slice_mod.f90.

Older versions

Please download the latest version above!


  • Download: File:Openpipeflow-1.21.tgz
  • Comments:
    • Added transforms direct between phys-coll types, so don't need to handle intermediate spec type.
  • Changelog:
    • 2017/10/11 See tra_coll2phys(...), tra_phys2coll(...)


  • Download: File:Openpipeflow-1.20.tgz
  • Comments:
    • Slight update to axis treatment. Symmetry property used in all calculations of derivatives.
  • Changelog:
    • 2017/08/08 Symmetry parameter now used in var_meshmult(...)


  • Download: File:Openpipeflow-1.12.tgz
  • Comments:
    • LES and nonnewtonian (shear-thinning) utils added.
    • Radial points may be loaded from, see mes_precompute().
  • Changelog:
    • 2017/05/08 No changes to core code except option.


  • Download: File:Openpipeflow-1.11c.tgz
  • Comments:
    • Newton-Krylov utility added, see - utils/newton.f90.
  • Changelog:
    • 2016/12/13 No changes to core code.


  • Download: File:Openpipeflow-1.11b.tgz
  • Comments:
    • Minor update to significant revision-1.10 (Double parallelisation). Please see comments for version 1.10.
  • Changelog:
    • 2015/11/26 Check for radial split _Np>i_N corrected to _Nr>i_N.
    • 2015/08/05 Fixed bug preventing serial use in parallel macros.


  • Download: File:Openpipeflow-1.10.tgz
  • Comments:
    • Double parallelisation: in physical space data is split into _Nr sections radially and (new option) _Ns sections axially. Total number of cores used is _Np=_Nr*_Ns.
    • It is recommended that for a modest number of cores, vary _Nr and keep _Ns=1 (split radially only).
  • Changelog:
    • Double parallelisation.
    • Minor updates to var_null, var_imposesymm functions.
    • Interpolation correction for prim2matlab.